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Formed in 2017, Interro Quartet combines passionate performances with a curiosity to explore new sounds and venues in chamber music. The group’s repertoire includes works of classical music giants as well as new compositions by emerging and established Canadian composers. Featuring award-winning graduates of University of Toronto, the Interro Quartet includes violinists Steve Koh and Eric Kim-Fujita, violist Maxime Despax, and cellist Sebastian Ostertag. 

The name Interro comes from the "Interrobang" symbol that indicates both a question and exclamation mark.  Through unique programming, outreach, and collaborations, we aim to question and energize our musical communities. 

Our mission is not only to make quartet music more accessible but also to broaden            audience membership through diverse programming. To this end, each of our concerts      include what we call a "Compound Quartet." A programming strategy of our own design,    a Compound Quartet consists of movements or pieces from four different composers to    make one composite quartet. Compound Quartets allow each of our concerts to feature    a variety of composers and explore the musical styles, themes, and historical contexts      that bind the various movements into one cohesive work. Through this programming,      we hope to diversify the chamber music concert experience and explore new and              innovative ways of engaging with the audience.

Interro Quartet acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, and funding support from the Toronto Arts Council, and the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.

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Steve Koh*

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Eric Kim-Fujita

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Maxime Despax*

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Sebastian Ostertag*

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